Welcome to The Vagina Project!

The Vagina Project is a gallery of original artwork from around the world.

These are vaginas, each with its own personal message. Often their messages are responses to what has been said about and done to them and to the people they belong to as a a result of politics, policies, and cultural norms around the world. Other times, their messages convey an honesty about personal, but not political, experiences of the vagina.

These artworks give voice to a part of the body often associated with shame, fear, and filth. We choose, however, not to walk away defeated and with picket signs dragging behind us. Instead, we choose to take matters into our own hands. Vagina is not a dirty word, and our vaginas will not be shamed. They will, instead, be seen and heard.

We are taking part in an important movement in feminism and in art, a movement that has worked for a long time to de-stigmatize and de-politicize the vagina. This movement is not new (think: Vagina Monologues, Judy Chicago, Riot Grrrls, and so on), but must continue.


Call for Submissions

For more information please view the submission guidelines. Anyone is free to submit at any time. Fine art skills are not required, just a passion for the mission of this project.


Stay In Touch!

The Vagina Project will be updated as new submissions come in. To keep updated on new work and announcements, please sign up for an email subscription at the bottom of this page. If you would like to contact the curator, please email jrowartist at gmail dot com. You can also keep updated on The Vagina Project and vagina-related news by Liking our Facebook page.



See below for a gallery of all the Vagina Project art, and an alphabetical list of artists. Click on their names to view their page.

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Visual Art

Other Vagina Art Projects


The Vagina Project is Global!

To see the whole map, click on the link below it and see where the Vagina Project artists are located around the world. Don’t see your country or city represented? Submit to the project!

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